Visualising interior space

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

The Third and The Seventh by Jorge Seva (Alex Roman). Watch full screen.

3d Studio, Vray, After Effects, Premiere. One film-maker. One Computer. Two years of work

All of the buildings and nature are computer models. Except the figure of the photographer - the film-maker himself composited into his favourite buildings (Hitchcock). There is something of an irony in his obsession with cameras, their imperfections, the devices that help them move, with all the functions and protocols of architectural photography........and all the time no camera was used in making this. A kind of toying with reality, a nostalgia surely for how things were done. He does say that all his inspiration is photography and not CGI. Many references in spirit, nostalgia, architecture and music to Gattaca. Certainly the interest in time, aging, discolouration and imperfections suggests a different approach to standard modernist views of buildings. The piece seems more an animated photograph than a film. Architecture is not usually animated with this level of fetish, pity.

In terms of studying buildings like these, looking at them, is there a difference between what the architect sees and what the photographer sees? If so, then what is the viewpoint of someone who visualises? They too have "made" the building to a certain extent and indeed have usually made the weather to go with it. Is the point of view as deliberate and purposeful as the architect? Is the camera here a proxy for the human eye? With thanks to Andrew.

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