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Last year in Marienbad

In Manhattan Murder Mystery Woody Allen fondly remembers how he brought Diane Keaton to Last year in Marienbad on their first date. Not a great idea.

Still, a surreal and beautifully filmed point of view that captures fickle surfaces and reflections that mirror the ambiguous characters and the architecture. Part baroque, part cubist the film seems to question its own form by its insistent unreliability, the narrative is unclear, the spaces are inconsistent, the characters unnamed and perception dizzingly questioned. Influenced Kubrick, Antonioni and Bergman, so no surprise Woody Allen loved it then.

Last year in Marienbad, directed by Alain Resnais 1961.

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  1. nice to see that woody allen reference make sense now!i didn't realise before what the film was like.definitely not a date movie.