Visualising interior space

Nadar and Nishizawa

Felix Nadar 1820-1910 - Interior of a balloon 1863. This was his own balloon, the largest ever made at the time with a two storey basket including sitting room, photographic room, wc and printing room. His flying exploits inspired his friend Jules Verne to write From the Earth to the Moon.

There is something of this in the views of Ryue Nishigawa and Rei Naito's Museo-N in Japan 2004-2010 which strives for..."a specific endless environment. Light should be the only physical element besides the art" It is intended to be a space without angles where it is never clear how large it is or what shape it is.

Previsualisation 2004

Photograph of finished building 2010

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  1. Fascinating the idea of a balloon with a two storey basket.Wow.