Visualising interior space

Andrew Wyeth - Point of view

Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) one of the most popular american painters of the twentieth century. His spare watercolours often evoke a spiritual connection to rural landscapes that strike a chord with many. His interior views seem weather dependant and unsheltered. Steadfast to his craft to the end he was criticised by some for an illustrative approach but by the end of his life he had become very wealthy and there is a cutting honesty to his view of a rural homestead from the comfort of his private jet.


  1. he didn't have a jet....tell me he didn't : your ruining it for me...I want to imagine he was a poor country artist, humbly sketching itenerant country people...alright he could afford new brushes and stuff, but why be crass?? karl Keurner told me he's comin to get you.