Visualising interior space

Charet Architecture

Jerome Breslin of Charet Architects has shared these super interior views

....."I was interested in describing a quality of interior light and an illusion of space other than which is obtained through computer rendering. The quality of a computer rendering depends on manipulations of various parameters, whether these parameters are set to accurately reflect the conditions of the scene or instead to depict the scene in a certain way. The scale model, either daylit or artificially lit can also be faslified, but somehow you believe the falsification more. Whereas the scale model is a representation of building elements at scale, the light cannot be scaled and is therefore not a representation, It is the light. The model's expression was influenced by the lively interior models of SANAA, and the cardboard illusions of Thomas Demand. The space depicted is a virtual office, so the creation of an illusion was important."

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