Visualising interior space

Georges Rousse Anti-Quadratura

Georges Rousse's work in both photographic and installation form plays with our binocular vision and the flatness of the photograph. While the images that flatten a three dimensional space with geometric forms seem strong the opposite works, where alternative three dimensional forms are applied, work less well. Rousse usually works in derelict buildings and often seem to operate as abstract visualisation exercises in that civic authorities often reconsider the possibilities of such spaces on the strength of the projects. Felice Varini does installations in more public spaces that similarly reward a priveliged viewpoint. Gordon Matta Clark's more agressive impositions seem more effective as they are not delicately applied but excised to show the true nature of structure, less artifice, less 'presentation'.
Conical Intersect 1975, Gordon Matta Clark.

It brings to mind a super game, Valve's Portal, where no dimensions are stable.

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