Visualising interior space

Menno Aden

Untitled (Classroom)
2010, 178 x 140 cm (70 x 55")

Untitled (G.S. I)
2006, 70 x 50 cm (27 x 20")

Untitled (Basement V)
2011, 110 x 110 cm (43 x 43")

Menno Aden's Room Portrait series represents interior space from above. The images have a distorted abstracted quality that are somewhat otherworldly and bring photography closer to the impossible views and methods of drawing (worm's eye views, sectional perspectives etc.) Over the last five or six years the images have become larger and more sparse which I imagine adds to the uncanny and unsettling  impression of losing one's spatial orientation. Good collection of photographic plans at Richviewer.

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