Visualising interior space

The hybrid 3d photographs of Sebastian Denz, between virtual and real in what he calls postvirtual spaces. The photographs, that are printed at life size, were taken with a specially designed large format stereo camera (8" x 10") and blended digitally. Many precedents of those connecting skate-boarding with spatial analysis - Professor of Architecture at my Alma Mater Iain Borden - sex and skating....

But more from Denz (.....dense):

“(...) Actually, though, nothing else takes place, beyond the fact that the viewer’s imagination has to fill in and add to the geometric space of the image, so that his own metaphysical ‘reality’ can unfold, as it were, while this geometrical space also takes on a phantasmagoric component. A considerable increase in the power of illusion is responsible for this; the optical sense absorbs, in a certain way, all the other senses into its suggestive pull. On one hand, Denz employs to perfection the possibilities offered by this visual technique, yet, on the other, he obtains his aesthetic capital from its obvious dilemma, which is, that it is ultimately, not able to close the rift between the sight and the psychical ‘touch’ (Mark Rothko) of the visual space. Here, a constitutive role is played by the cardboard glasses and the red-and-cyan-colored view they provide. In no way is it the usual, burdensome imperative, but rather, it opens up a critical dimension: motifs, technology, and artistic concept are seamlessly interwoven. (...)”

Thanks to Lisa Cassidy for this.

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